Time Transfer GPS Receiver

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Product Description

GPS receiver and antenna in a fully weather proof enclosurefor time transfer application

  • Quick start, 18 seconds warm start typical
  • Low power consumption (0.9W typical)
  • Wide supply voltages range (9~34VDC)

The AQTIME MR-700T is the integration of a timing GPS receiver and antenna in a compact/weather proof enclosure for time transfer application. It outputs UTC synchronized 1PPS with +/- 1 microseconds tolerance, which is close to an atomic clock in accuracy.

As a time transfer device, the AQTIME MR-700T is capable of operating with even 3(three) satellites after having a fix position with 3 or more satellites previously, so you can get precise time base anywhere on the Earth even under a very harsh environment where only one satellite is available.


  • Output signal level: RS232 (std), RS422(optional)
  • Output data format: NMEA 0183
  • Accuracy: ± 1 u second (2DRMS) to UTC adjustmen


  • Time Stamp Data Logger
  • Synchronization of radio base stations for cellular phone, pagers, etc.
  • Time control of computer terminals connected to network

Product Feature

  • UTC synchronized precise time base can be obtain anywhere on the earth at a relatively low cost
  • Ultra compact, fully weather-proof, easy to mount
  • Quick start, 18 seconds warm start typical
  • Continue to output time data with even one satellite tracked
  • Wide supply voltages range (9~34VDC)
  • Low power consumption (0.9W typical)