4G/LTE/5G Antenna

    The advantages of 5G are mainly shown in two places: the network speed is nearly 10 times faster than 4G. Some companies have already extended their applications to unmanned vehicles, drone control, or search and rescue of disaster sites through drones, all of which are accomplished through the low-latency characteristics of 5G. 5G provides opportunities for telemedicine, VR live broadcast, 4K quality live broadcast, smart home applications, etc.

    If you want to design an antenna that can support all 4G and 5G frequency bands, you will need a multi-band antenna. The first frequency band of the antenna needs to include n71 (617 to 698MHz) to n8 (880 to 960MHz) of 5G, indicating that the proportional bandwidth of the lowest frequency resonance mode of the antenna is about 43.5%. If the frequency band is less than 1GHz then it’s not suitable for the multi-modal approach is completed, except that in this frequency range, the impedance adaptation between modes is extremely challenging, and there is often no additional antenna area to design a second resonance path less than 1GHz.

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