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    Wi-Fi is a technology that can wirelessly connect terminals such as personal computers, handheld devices to each other. In fact, it is a high-frequency radio signal. Wi-Fi is a brand of wireless network communication technology held by the Wi-Fi Alliance. The purpose is to improve the interoperability between wireless network products based on the IEEE 802.11 standard. The full name of Wi-Fi in English is Wireless Fidelity, which translates into Chinese as wireless fidelity, and is referred to as Wi-Fi in English.


    Generally, the basic equipment for setting up a wireless network is a wireless network card and an AP, so that the network resources can be shared in a wireless mode with the existing wired architecture. If it is only a peer-to-peer network of several computers, APs are not required, and each computer only needs to be equipped with a wireless network card. AP is the abbreviation of Access Point, which is generally translated as "wireless access point" or "bridge". It mainly acts as a bridge between wireless workstations and wired local area networks in the media access control layer MAC. With an AP, just like a normal wired network hub, wireless workstations can connect to the network quickly and easily. After the wired broadband network arrives at the home, connect to an AP, and then install a wireless network card in the computer. It is enough for an ordinary family to have one AP.


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