Time Transfer GPS Receiver

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Product Description

  • Quick start, 18 seconds warm start typical
  • Low power consumption (0.9W typical)
  • Wide supply voltages range (9~34VDC)

The AQTIME MR-600T is the integration of a timing GPS receiver and antenna in a compact/weather proof
enclosure for time transfer application. It outputs UTC synchronized 1PPS with +/- 1 microseconds tolerance,
which is close to an atomic clock in accuracy.

As a time transfer device, the AQTIME MR-600T is capable of operating with even 3(three) satellites after
having a fix position with 3 or more satellites previously, so you can get precise time base anywhere on the
Earth even under a very harsh environment where only one satellite is available.

Product Feature

  • UTC synchronized precise time base can be obtain anywhere on the earth at a relatively low cost
  • Ultra compact, fully weather-proof, easy to mount
  • Quick start, 18 seconds warm start typical
  • Continue to output time data with even one satellite tracked
  • Wide supply voltages range (9~34VDC)
  • Low power consumption (0.9W typical)


  • Time Stamp Data Logger
  • Synchronization of radio base stations for cellular Phone, pagers,…etc.
  • Time control of computer terminals connected to network

1 PPS Output:

  • Output signal level:
    RS232 (std),
  • Output data format:
    NMEA 0183
  • Accuracy:
    +/- 1 u second
    (2DRMS) to UTC

Product Specification

General   L1 frequency, C/A code(SPS),  12 Independent tracking channel (GPSP8633 & BBP1202)
Sensitivity   -143 dBm (tracking)
Accuracy Position 15m CEP , 5m(waas)
Velocity 0.1 m/sec. 0.05m/s(waas)
Time +/- 1 μs RMS (static mode)
Acquisition   Cold start 70 sec. (typical)
Warm start 38 sec. (typical)
Hot start 8 sec. (typical)
Reacquisition   100 ms typical (signal reacquisition)
Dynamics Altitude 18000m max.
Velocity 500 m/sec.
Vibration 4G max.
Operation Temperature   -40° C to +85° C
Storage Temperature   -45° C to +90° C
Operating Humidity   0% to 95% RH, non condensing
Water Resistance   100% waterproof
Primary Power   9V ~ 34V DC
Power Consumption   130mA
Protocol   NMEA-0183 v3.0 baud rate 4800/9600/19200/38400/115200, default 4800
Signal level   RS-232(standard),USB & RS-422 optional
NMEA Message   GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, and VTG
EMI filter   Rejects power line interference
Power cable   UL 2464 , 15M
Enclosure   High impact, corrosion-proof polycarbonate resin
Connector   open
Dimensions GPS Locator 112mm(Dia.) × 104 mm(H)
Mounting Base  
Weight   270 grams
Standard Mounting   Concinnity and Solid design
waterproof   IPX7

*This specification is subject to change without prior notice

User selectable datum *Pole mount to 1"-14 UNS threaded mast
MR600T 1PPS Specification

  • The signal is generated after the MR-600T power on and continues until power down.
  • The rising edge of the signal is synchronized to the start of each GPS second.
  • The signal is valid after the initial position fix has been calculated.
  • The accuracy of the one-pulse-per-second output is maintained only while the MR600T can compute a valid position fix.
  • The default pulse width is 1u second.
  • The pulse height is 3V.
  • The accuracy is +/- 1usec with respect to the GPS second.
Power Interface RS232:
Connector Wire Function
PIN1 White Receive
PIN2 Green transmit
PIN3 Yellow Ground
PIN4 Bare Braid Earth
PIN5 Blue 1 PPS
PIN6 Black Power-
PIN7 Red Power+

RS422 I/O Connection

PIN1 White (R+) Differential input +
PIN2 Green (T+) Differential output +
PIN3 Yellow (T-) Differential output -
PIN4 To be detemined(R-) Differential input -
PIN5 Blue 1PPS
PIN6 Black ( - ) Power-
PIN7 Red (+) Power+