Marine GPS & 3G/LTE Antenna

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Product Description

Outdoor and ruggedness, demand of vehicle locating
and Marine navigation GPS antenna that will sustain harsh environment.

  • Low noise figure
  • Fully weather proof IPX8
  • Ultra-high Sensitivity
  • Compact construction
  • Excellent temperature stability

The antenna system GAF-700 is the integration of the high performance GPS patch antenna and a low noise amplifier into state-of-the-art low a very low profile/extremely compact/fully waterproof antenna signal enclosure. When connected to a GPS receiver with +2.5~ 5.5V DC antenna powers it provides excellent signal amplification and out-band-rejection for that receiver.


GPS antenna with double threaded bolts and through holes for cable routing with course & fine treaded pitch locking for wing-nut fastener and lock-nut to prevent vibrations and un-authorize removal.

Product Specification


1.1 Electrical Properties

1.2 Mechanical Properties

*This specification is subject to change without prior notice Data               Updated: Mar.25, 2019

Test result:


756Mhz :

806Mhz :

824Mhz :

900Mhz :

925Mhz :

960Mhz :

1710Mhz :

1995Mhz :

2170Mhz :

2350Mhz :

2595Mhz :

2665Mhz :

2690Mhz :