Internal GPS/GLONASS Receiver

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Product Description

Order Information for built-in GLONASS/GPS antenna modules

Part NumberDimension(mm)Serial InterfaceVoltage Range(+/- 10%)Output Connector type1 PPSArchitecture
RB-2525GNS 25x25 UART/RS232 3.3-5V

6 pins wafer connector
6 pins male header

- Flash

RB-2525GNS is a highly integrated smart GLONASS/GPS module with a ceramic GLONASS/GPS patch antenna, it also can either connect to the external active antenna. The module is with 80 channel acquisition engine and 20 channel track engine, which be capable of receiving signals from up to 100 GLONASS/GPS satellites and transferring them into the precise position and timing information that can be read over UART/RS232 interface. Small size and high-end GLONASS/GPS functionality are at low power consumption, supply voltage of 3.3v-5v is supported.

RB-2525GNS is optimized for applications requiring good performance, low cost, and maximum flexibility; suitable for a wide range of OEM configurations including handhelds, MID, Mobile, PDA-centric personal navigation system.

The smart GLONASS/GPS antenna module is available as an off-the-shelf component, 100% tested. The smart GLONASS/GPS antenna module can be offered for OEM applications with the versatile adaptation in form and connection. Additionally, the antenna can be tuned to the final systems’ circumstances.

Product Feature

  • 100 channels to acquire and track satellites simultaneously
  • Industry-leading TTFF speed
  • Tracking sensitivity reaches -161 dBm
  • 0.5 PPM TCXO for quick cold start
  • Integral LNA with low power control
  • Cold start
  • Hot start ≈ 1 sec under clear Sky
  • Accuracy 5m CEP
  • DGPS and WAAS Capable
  • Operable at 3.3v-5v LVTTL/RS232
  • UART interface at CMOS level
  • Small form factor of 25 mm W x 25 mm Lx 8 mm H
  • Mountable without solder process
  • Support the built-in antenna or the external active antenna
  • 1.00 m/m WTB Wafer SMT S/R R/A 6Pins or 1.27 m/m male header 6 Pins


  • Mobile phones
  • MID
  • Automotive and Marine Navigation
  • Automotive Navigator Tracking
  • Emergency Locator
  • Geographic Surveying
  • Personal Positioning
  • Sporting and Recreation

Product Specification


Receiver Type 100 Channels GLONASS/GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code
Time-To-First-Fix Cold Start (Autonomous)Warm Start (Autonomous)
Sensitivity tracking & Navigation -161 dBm Reacquisition -161 dBm Cold Start (Autonomous) -146 dBm
Accuracy Autonomous 2.5 m CEP Velocity 0.1 m/sec (without aid) Time 300 ns
Update Rate Supports 1 / 2 / 4 / 5 / 8 / 10/20 Hz update
Velocity Accuracy 0.1m/s
Heading Accuracy 0.5 degrees
Dynamics 4 G (39.2 m/sec)
Operational Limits Velocity 515 m/s (1000 knots) Altitude
Serial Interface LVTTL level with either 1.00 m/m WTB Wafer SMT S/R R/A 6Pins, or 1.27 m/m male header 6 Pins
Support antenna types Built-in patch antenna
Datum User definable Default WGS-84 User definable
Input Voltage 3.3v-5v
Input Current ~65mA tracking
Dimension 25 mm L x 25 mm W x 8 mm H
Weight 18g

Serial Port Settings

The default configuration within the standard GLONASS/GPS firmware is:

  • Standard configuration of serial port
  • Supporting 4800/9600/38400/115200 baud rate (Default Value : 9600), 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control

Improved TTFF

In order to improve the TTFF (Time To First Fix), RB-2525GNS has been built with the back-up battery (SEIKO) to support the RTC with a back-up power when no system power is available.

DC Electrical Characteristics

Voltage +3.3V ~ +5.0V DC
Supply current TBD @ 5.0V DC Typical
Backup Battery Power +3.3V DC

Communication Specifications

Interface Full duplex serial interface
Bit rate 4800/9600/38400/115200bps
Start bit 1bit
Stop bit 1bit
Data bit 8bit
Parity None
transmission data SACII NMEA0183 Ver:3.01
Update rate 1Hz
Output sentence GPGGA, GPGSA, GPGSV, GPRMC, GPVTG (typ)

Block Diagram
Pin Assignments Information
Mechanical Drawing Outline

Environmental Conditions

TemperatureOperating -20°C~+65°C
Storage -40°C~+80°C
Humidity 5%~95%
Storage 6 months in original vacuum package.