GPS Whip Active Antenna

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Product Description

Compact & Sensitive GPS antenna with Excellent Signal Amplification for Mobile applications

GA-85 is the integration of a high performance GPS whip antenna and a state-of-the-art low noise amplifier into a very low profile/ extremely compact/ fully waterproof enclosure which, when connected to a GPS receiver with 1.5~3.1V DC antenna power, provides excellent signal amplification and out-band filtering & rejection, provide 1.5~3.1V input Voltage is available.


  • Automobile GPS
  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • Car Tracking Navigation System
  • AVL / Fleet Management Systems
  • External Antenna for Handheld GPS
  • External Antenna for PDA Navigator

Product Feature

  • Compact Construction/ Low Profile/
  • Omni-Directional Antenna Patterns
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • Low Noise Figure
  • High Sensitivity

Product Specification

Physical Condition
Construction TPE rubber
Dimension 9.3(Dia.) × 59.6 (L) mm
Weight 2 grams
Environmental Conditions

Operation temperature

-40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +100°C
Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing

Connector Available

FAKRA90-C Code

Low Noise Amplifier

Center Frequency

1575.42 MHz +/- 1.023 MHz




10 MHz min. @S11-10 dB

Noise Figure

1.5dB Typ.


25dB @ fo± 50MHz
35dB @ fo± 100MHz
* fo=1575.42MHz

Supply Voltages

1.5~3.1V DC

Current Consumption


Output Impedance

50 ohm

Output VSWR

2.0 max.