GPS Re-radiating Antenna Kit

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Product Description

Connector-free antenna solution for handheld GPS receivers/ with up to 2-meter re-radiating range!

The RA-10 is a complete GPS L1 band signal re-radiating unit with dual antennas to re-transmit real-time GPS satellite outdoor receptions to an indoor environment. The re-radiating internal antenna allows multi GPS receiver users to perform On-The-Fly normal receiver performance within a closed environment, while the main GPS antenna is located on an Un-Manned outdoor location.

System Description

The system kits are designed to operate as whole, it includes a high gain external GPS antenna, precisely calibrated amplifier circuit with Helix type indoor antenna and a power supply regulator built-in.


The re-radiating indoor antenna can support any type of GPS receivers that use the L1 band 1575.42MHz frequency. It can provide good signal reception to a distance of 1 ~ 1.5 meters, depending on indoor noise environment. The internal antenna can be used and located in the following to provide good GPS reception environment:

Product Specification

Re-radiating Antenna Specifications

External antenna type: Active patch antenna with SMA plug
Frequency: 1575.42MHz (L1 band)
Internal antenna type: Active patch antenna
Frequency: 1575.42MHz (L1 band)
Supply Voltage: DC adapter supply 12V DC
Current consumption: 30mA

*This specification is subject to change without prior notice
Note:1:Cable Loss=(-1.2dB/m)

Installation Note:

If the device is used with our gps antenna, please make sure that they are not interfered with their own signals. For instance, if you install the two devices for vehicle use and mount the gps antenna as near the car's roof center as possible.