Internal GPS Patch Antenna

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This product specifications are applied to the antenna composed of silver pattern on the dielectric material surface and conducting mechanism for the GPS satellite communications. Comparing to the conventional patch antenna, the miniature size relative to the high gain and low axial ratio characteristics are the most advanced design for a commercial compact product applications. eg. mobile phone; PDA; note book ; personal tracker and etc.. .Please contact us when using this product for any other applications than described in the above.

*This design patents are pending from China, Taiwan, USA.


center frequency (fc) 1575.42 MHz
band width (BW) fc +/- 5 MHz
return Loss @ fc -22dB min.
return Loss @ BW1566Mhz ~ 1585Mhz. -15dB
peak Gain * 4 dBi @ ground plane 12mm * 2 mm
efficiency @ fc 37% min.
efficiency @ BW 35% min.
polarization R.H.C.P.
impedance 50 ohm
dimensions 8mm*8mm*2 mm

Mechanical Drawing:


Impedance & Return Loss (VSWR) :

Radiation Pattern :