GPS with VHF or UHF Antenna, Marine AIS SYSTEMS

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Product Description

The application shall apply for antenna unit which shall be used for Marine AIS systems & Radio Car AVL and Fleet Management systems. The combination of High Gain GPS antenna and a low profile covert VHF antenna is highly ideal for these applications that require durability, small in size, covert installation and rugged construction.

Product Specification

Physical Condition
Dimension 71.5mm (L) x 49.5mm (W) x 27mm (H)
Weight 50 grams (excluding cable & connector)
Environmental Conditions
Operation temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +100°C
Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing
Cable & Connector
Cable 5 meter RG174/U (standard) cable, other length available
Connector Available BNC,TNC,FME (to be adapted), GT5, MCX (OSX), SMA, SMB or SMC in straight or right angle
Optional Adapters Universal Connector Adapter (FME to TNC/BNC/SMA/SMB/MCX)
Antenna Element
Center Frequency 1575.42 MHz +/-1.023MHz
Polarization R.H.C.P. (Right Handed Circular Polarization)
Absolute Gain @ Zenith 3 dBic Typ.
Gain 90°:2.0dBi min. 20° : -5.0dBi min. Mounted on the 60mm ¡Ñ 60mm square ground plane
Axial Ratio 90° : 3 .0dB max. Mounted on the 60mm x 60mm square ground plane
Low Noise Amplifier
Center Frequency 1575.42 MHz +/- 1.023 MHz
Gain 28+/-4.5dB
Bandwidth 10 MHz min. @S11ϑ-10 dB
Noise Figure 1.5dB Typ.
Filter 25dB @ f° ± 50MHz 35dB @ f° ± 100MHz * f°=1575.42MHz
Supply Voltages 2.5 ~5.5V DC
Current Consumption 2.5V : 6.6mA Typ. 3V: 8.6mA Typ. 4V: 12.6mA Typ. 5V: 16.6mA Typ.
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Output VSWR 2.0 max.
Overall Performance (Antenna Element, LNA & Cable)
Frequency range 1575.42 +/- 1.023 MHz
Gain At 90° 30 ± 4.5dBi-(cable loss) Note:1 Mounted on the 60mm x 60mm square ground plane
Output Impedance 50 ohm
VSWR 2.0 max.


Frequency 136 ~ 174Mhz or UHF :445 ~470Mhz
Gain Unit ( UHF: 4db)
VSWR 1.5:1
Power rating 200W
Band-width 10Mhz
Type 1/4 wave (UHF: 5/8 over 1/2 wave )
Whip length 52cm ( UHF:73CM )
Impedence 50Ω
Cable type RG58/U
Cable length 5M
Connector Mini UHF or TNC / N
Broach 3/4' hole mount